Fantasy, Electro-Pop, and Coziness

1. Eragon. The book, not the movie. The movie was kinda lame (although the Arya the elf was beautiful and Eragon was hot!), but the book is a freaking page-turner! I can’t hardly put it down!! I’ve zipped through it in a week and I’m sad I only have 30 pages left. Christopher Paolini is Brilliant!! I can’t wait ’til there’s an affordable copy of Eldest out there.

2. Imogen Heap. This sassy songstress is able to entwine witty lyrics with catchy and haunting melodies in her electronic way. She uses a keyboard and voice distorters and her Mac laptop to create amazing harmonic sounds. She’s one of my newest obsessions. Check her out if you haven’t yet.

3. My Red Down Throw. I don’t think I’ve listed it yet under my 3BTs… it’s a lovely shade of brick red which goes amazingly with cornflower blue sheets (I’ve had two sets in the past and I’ve given them away). It could be a bit longer (I’m a tall girl), but it’s been with me for over three years now, and it’s beautiful. It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s pretty, it rolls up small for travelling, it looks puffy and you want to squish its air pockets, it washes and dries in the machines. I love it.

Celebrating Winter in Style

1. Wireless internet. What a wonderful invention!! The most marvelous part of it all is that I finally got it to work with my laptop at my mom’s house, after having the router for 4 months! Even though I get kicked off wireless every time someone uses one of our three 2.4 GHZ cordless phones (I bought a 5.8 GHZ phone today to compensate), I still am overjoyed to be able to maintain my addictive cyber-world without cables and cords!! Technology rocks!

2. My new winter coat. From Le Chateau, it’s black and wool and comes to my mid-thigh. It’s got a nice collar and big black buttons. It looks GREAT with all of my clothes (well, okay, all except my jogging pants) and shoes and gives me wicked winter style. I wanted a red one, but seeing as how I had NO winter coats and I have no idea how long I can expect to live in a place where I’ll always need one, I thought I should stick to black, so I can wear it with everything and for years to come. Practicality and responsibility win again.

3. Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce latte. Need I say more, coffee lovers? This is a smooth, sweet, creamy, beautiful taste of caffeine heaven, topped with delectable whipped cream. It goes down easy, even for those non-coffee drinkers out there…DON’T MISS OUT! You’ll regret it later, I promise you.

The G’s

1. Goodbye Elliott. They’re a band based out of California, but several of the guys are originally “from” Hawaii, specifically Kona. You know guys are talented when they sound good even when they’re sharing one microphone for two guitars and two voices. You can currently hear them on my myspace, Or you could go right to the source,

2. Grey’s Anatomy. There. I said it. I love it. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it teaches me things about people.

3. Gina. I miss you, G. I’ve gotta come and hang out again soon! Hope your Christmas was rockin’, babe! ::muah::

Holiday Realities

1. Sleep!!! Seems like I can’t get enough on my memory-foam-topped mattress, with my memory foam orthopedic pillow… too bad I have these friends that have made me addicted to iChat and we end up having this amazing conversations ’til the wee hours… (Okay, so my body is CRAVING it right now, but it’s only 7:14 pm!)

2. Blogger. Just so cool. Not in the same way as myspace, but in its own way. It’s beta-ness, perhaps, contributes a lot.

3. My Homemade Ginger Snaps with the Snowflake Imprints. ‘Nuff said. (Thanks, Mo!)

Sarah’s Gym/Catwalk/Bakery

1. The Ability to Walk. I had to walk to work this morning, and Saturday. I enjoy “being forced to” walk (read: no vehicles available) because then I’m forced to actually do something active. I enjoy having a reason to get out there and see the town, smell the air, watch the people moving around, listening to the “Beautiful Tunes” playlist on my iPod the whole way.

2. Funky Fashion. I’ve been talking to a friend about how I get frustrated with clothes that are expected or normal, and I feel most refreshed when I’m putting together outfits that are edgy or unexpected. Or if I’m wearing a GREAT pair of shoes!!! And I really do believe I have to bring skinny jeans to Goderich. So, G-Dot, BE PREPARED! I do often feel like I’m sort of missing out on the good wardrobe components that will make my collection feel complete… I’m definitely open to ideas!

3. Baking. Sure, it’s annoying to do in mom’s tiny kitchen with virtually no counter space, and I don’t love cleanup, but I do love creating things period, and the privilege of delighting people with baked goodies is a delight to ME! So give me notice that you’re coming over so that I can whip up something de-lish.

Swear, Hair, Wear

1. Good friends. The ones that you can catch up where you left off, every time, even if it has been months, or years; the ones that you can be completely honest and crazy with; the ones that love even your crazy outfits; the ones you can drink and swear with (enough to be healthy); the ones that you can eat with and laugh with and be deep with.

2. Edgy hair. With me, every day is a new hair adventure, and I can choose to just shove it up so as not to show the frizz, or I can fight for something presentable, or I can go the extra mile to make something edgy happen. Then it takes extra courage to pull it off, but I find it’s mostly always worth it. ‘Till someone says they recognize a bad hair day when they see one. Back to the drawing board. Or not…

3. Footless tights. Dang sexy, oh-so-fun to wear, and they look hot with a miniskirt and ballet flats. And it’s hard to go wrong in the top department when you have that combo going on. Okay, so maybe some of the 80’s weren’t all bad!

Carols, Candles, Olives

1. Christmas Songs. They’re just so cheery and fun. And even if they’re slow and a bit melancholy, they’re still hauntingly beautiful. “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is a favourite, as is the Huron Carol. I also LOVE The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting…) and could sing it every day in different ways!!

2. Candles. The good kind mostly, made by Colonial or PartyLite or other similar companies. There’s just something rich about a room with lit candles, and the ensuing fragrance is enticing like nothing else, filling your home or office with cozy warmth.

3. Olives. I could eat a third of a jar in a sitting and sometimes do. I could drink the juice and occasionally indulge. Often my snack of choice at any hour, except breakfast, of course. The green ones in juice stuffed with pimentos… mmmmmmm!!!

Yummy: Tunes, Timing, Tea

1. Starfield. I’ve had the Tumbling After album for several months now, but just started to really appreciate it recently. So much down-to-earth truth in those lyrics, plus catchy tunes I want to hear over and over again. Definitely soul music.

2. Snow. It started falling in earnest yesterday afternoon, and my prediction that the ground would be covered by nightfall proved correct. And the fact that it was falling while I had the Christmas tunes playing, a yummy candle burning, and while putting the decorations on the tree was just PERFECTO! God is cool.

3. Chai tea. No, I’m not addicted to caffeinated everything. Just the best of those. I just downed a homemade latte, made with half milk and half chai tea concentrate, heated in the microwave. Mmmmm good. Also the highlight of many Starbucks visits! God bless those people who invented the stuff! They should be given a lot of money.

Modern Matters

1. Airports. They’re bustling, there’s security that can be a pain in the butt, sometimes you have to run through them and sometimes they don’t have the restaurants you want, but I almost always feel secure in an airport, and I love the feeling of people going places. I wonder where they’re going and where they’re coming from and who they’re meeting and why. There is an awesome sense of purpose. And the organization of routing the right people to the right planes at the right times, well that’s just uber-impressive!

2. My new Element hoodie. It’s a beautiful dark grey-blue with black and teal and light pink and white flowers and designs, some embroidered… and it’s cozy and comfy. And it was on sale! And my best friend has the same one, commemorating our weekend together after a one-year, three-month separation. See it…

3. The new iTunes. Album artwork: very cool.

The Staples

1. Painkillers. Don’t worry, I’m just small-time. One day a month, really. But on that certain day, I’m grateful!

2. Water. To counteract the gallons of coffee I consume, to flush the toxins out of my body, to keep my lips from chapping all to pieces, for being the most healthy thing in the world!

3. Fiction. Story. I would be lost without it… a piece of me missing, seriously!!