1st Whole30, DAY 30!!

Yep, I made it an entire month! A pretty awesome accomplishment!

Thanks to the zombification of my life because of a paper due two days ago that I FINALLY handed in this afternoon after much class was skipped and sleep lost and boyfriends (okay, only one) neglected, food today was basically a repeat of other days, so much so that I didn’t bother taking any pictures.

Instead of tuna with avocado, I had some smoked turkey. The usual smoothie for breakfast… I REALLY need to find another smoothie recipe!

A container full of raw veggies (one yellow pepper, one carrot, half of a zucchini), a container of Thai Butternut Squash soup. And some almonds.

And there you go! I told you – boring!

I just remembered that I committed to finishing a draft of an article tonight, though, so… I may have to whip up something else to feed the belly monster. Hmm.

(In case you haven’t read my other recent Whole30 posts, the reason this Day 30 post is fairly non-dramatic is because I have decided to do a second month, a Whole60, if you will. So, today is the end… of stage one. Tomorrow, I will follow the diet, with the possible exception of popcorn with my boyfriend at a movie, then Saturday I will branch out and enjoy some stuff I’ve been avoiding… and basically, the hard-core stuff will start up again on Monday, for sure. Let’s call Monday Day One of Second Whole30, okay? See you then!)

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