spinach, tomato, and egg salad

2nd Whole30, Day 06

spinach, tomato, and egg salad


  • A lovely scramble with 3 eggs, spinach, red peppers, green onions, and pickled jalapeños
  • Coffee with coconut milk

Lunch/First Supper (mealtimes are all screwy in paper-writing mania land)

  • Leftover veggie “spaghetti” sauce over half of a zucchini
  • A few pieces of frozen banana (after I discovered that the dried fruit I wanted a few bites of has added sugar and oil! (WTF?!))
  • A couple spoonfuls of refrigerated coconut milk (gawd I love that stuff!)

Second Supper

  • Spinach salad with sliced boiled egg and tomato wedges. Homemade dressing: homemade mayo, dill seasoning (Epicure), salt, pepper, dried mustard, finely chopped onion, lemon juice. Mix to taste.

Evening Grub

  • Lemon chiffon rooibos tea with coconut milk


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