Christians=Al Quaeda?

Yesterday, Jian Ghomeshi (host of Q on CBC radio) interviewed a homosexual columnist named Dan Savage about his response to the recent trend of gay teenagers committing suicide. Mr. Savage decided to reach out to these kids who are struggling with their identity and bullying by starting a YouTube video project called It Gets Better, where celebrities, etc. are adding their own stories of encouragement to these kids/people.

Unfortunately, Mr. Savage did a very stupid thing by way of defending the bullied teens: he blamed the death of these kids on the church and Christians, saying “They’d rather have dead kids than gay kids… their blood is on their hands”, basically equating “Christians” (he mentioned “fundamentalist” a few times, but didn’t always qualify like that) with the extremist Muslim terrorists that have attacked the USA.

This appalls me for two reasons: a) That there are people that think all people calling themselves “Christians” behave like the the Phelps family and the Westboro Baptist Church, the people that picket soldiers’ funerals with the message that God killed the soldiers because he is punishing America; b) That there are people out there calling themselves “Christians” and behaving egregiously towards other people!

Why? Why do these people persist with their ignorant hate?

And why do other people refuse to find out the objective truth about the majority of the Christians before ignorantly labeling millions of people in a manner similar to the stereotypical “Republican” way of viewing all Muslims?

Diva has Moved

So, after some thought, I decided that my target market for A Transparent Life won’t necessarily appreciate the Chronicles of Diva. I haven’t moved the Diva posts that originated with this blog, so as not to lose the comments, etc. (and to save me some work, muahaha), but rather I’ve just linked the new blog to those posts.

From here on in, please go to Diva Girl Chronicles for the monthly tales of life with the DivaCup. You can either use the above link, bookmark or go to my profile and look for my other blogs and click on the appropriate one (no, I don’t underestimate your intelligence).

Starting today, you can read my Diva adventures over there… don’t miss it!

Diva… What Every Diva Girl Should Know

(Warning… this post discusses girl stuff in detail. You may not want to know about it. Consider yourself advised.)

I recently finished I’m not even sure which round with the DivaCup. It has become routine and normal. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t anticipate emptying the cup every morning and evening, but I definitely enjoy the freedom I have inbetween, the lack of odour, and saving money I would otherwise have spent on disposable products! Knowing that I’m conserving resources feels good, too.

If you’re a Diva Girl or are thinking about becoming a Diva Girl, there are a few things you should know:

1. You can cut the tip of the cup, just don’t cut it too much so as to prevent you from being able to pull it out! (I had to cut it for comfort’s sake)

2. It is imperative that you make sure the cup opens up inside you, and that you make a valiant attempt at turning/twisting the cup inside of you, to create a seal past which nothing can pass, muahahaha. I find the twisting thing quite difficult and haven’t really been able to accomplish it, but I’m hopeful!

3. When removing the cup to empty it, before you even try anything else, you must repeat this refrain to yourself: BREAK THE SEAL!!! If you wish to avoid torturing yourself like I did (see the first few diva posts), I’m telling you… this is imperative. Reach a finger up in there and push the rim of the cup back towards the other side of the cup (making it more of a “c” than an “o”), then pull it out.

4. Do your best to clean out the pin holes below the rim of the cup. I’ve used a safety pin (yes, I washed it, but probably not the most sanitary thing), but other things would work just as well, I’m sure. The pin holes help the cup to seal off your cervix so that nothing escapes.

There may be more, but that’s all that are coming to me now. I’m open for questions!!


Report: Round Four with Diva

(Warning: Girl Stuff Enclosed. Don’t read if you’re easily grossed out! And don’t judge me either! 😉 )

Pleased to report all is going well. (Unfamiliar with the DivaCup? Read my early posts about “Diva” or go to the DivaCup website)

Mostly I’m being a slacker and not keeping to the 12-hour schedule, which my body doesn’t like a whole lot (no, I don’t blame it).

Pain factor: Those final few seconds before the cup pops out are still painful, but not unbearably so.

Cleanliness: I’ve got the whole process down to an art, really. Pull Diva out, dump in toilet, rinse in toilet, put soap in, wash, dump excess in toilet, then run under warm/hot water in sink. Then, put back in, pee if I have to, wipe, flush, and then of course wash my hands.

I think that’s enough details for today!!

So that’s four months almost that I’ve had the DivaCup… in four months, I’d normally spend maybe $30 on pads and tampons. I spent $30 on the DivaCup and don’t have to throw it out! Sweet!

Recap: Round Three With Diva

I forgot to post when it was actually happening, so here’s a recap:

Things went well, less pain and uncomfort than ever before.

My only complaint: Feeling as if I wasn’t positioning it right, then feeling it sort of reposition itself later. Oh, and wondering if that caused some gasses to build up… a strange feeling!

But I’m still convinced it was a good purchase and I’m hangin’ in there!

My only Complaint

Yup. Only one this time round… and that is this:

They (the Diva people) recommend using the muscles that you’d use to aid a bowel movement (aren’t we proper?) to help push the DivaCup down and out to empty it.

And it works well to do that.

But then if I want to have an actual BM? I can feel the Cup kinda sliding down. Usually, I just will it back up to where it’s supposed to be, but sometimes I have to readjust.

Then again, perhaps it’s all psychological!

Me, almost done Round Two!

Fourth Day’s a Charm

While I still get a little concerned every time I know it’s time to empty ‘er out, wash, and reinsert, I’m able to do it pain-free and with the minimal discomfort that’s to be expected.

Wow… now, it’s hard to believe that Round One was so difficult and painful!

Totally worth it… If you can do tampons, girls, you can do the DivaCup!

Diva’s on Top of the World

Round Two with Diva!

Today is Day Two of Round Two with the DivaCup. I am very proud to report NO PAIN!! I guess I perfected the technique last month, and maybe hopefully things “down there” loosened up a bit, enough to get the small silicone cup in and out without giving me a panic attack.

I was a little apprehensive yesterday morning when I went to put it in, recalling the strife I went through during Round One, but this time, the most complicated thing is remembering to breathe and relax my muscles as much as possible.

Pain Factor: Nonexistant!

Cleanliness: I’m getting it down to an art!

Is it worth it? Definitely!

Stay tuned for my progress this week.

Confidently, Diva

Summary: The First Round with DivaCup

I left it out after emptying it on the evening of the fourth day ’cause I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have much flow that night or the next day.

Turns out I could have worn it another day, but I wasn’t staying the night at home, and didn’t want the added discomfort of tying up the only bathroom for extended periods of time (although I got the whole procedure down to a few minutes, depending how well I’m doing at coaxing myself to relax, etc.).

So it’s washed and dried and resting in its little purple bag for next time!

This means, you understand, that I’m going to have to blog about other topics. Ah, for shame.

Over and out,


the Diva recovers

I finally started to get the hang of it at the end of the second day, and things have been much easier since.

I also forgot to mention that after the day that I was getting poked every five seconds, I trimmed the tip a bit, and it’s been much better.

I’ve learned how to break the seal that my flesh makes with the rim of the cup as it’s on its way out, by sticking a finger up there to let air in and pull it down and out. Still not totally pain-free, but it’s nice to be able to forget about it for 12 hours ’til the next time I have to fish around down there!

Pain factor… minimal and totally bearable. I am a girl after all!

Cleanliness… now that things aren’t so goopy, it’s much easier. I’m still not grossed out at all!

Was it worth it? Definitely!!! You should really look into it, girls!

Conquering Diva