Report: Round Four with Diva

(Warning: Girl Stuff Enclosed. Don’t read if you’re easily grossed out! And don’t judge me either! šŸ˜‰ )

Pleased to report all is going well. (Unfamiliar with the DivaCup? Read my early posts about “Diva” or go to the DivaCup website)

Mostly I’m being a slacker and not keeping to the 12-hour schedule, which my body doesn’t like a whole lot (no, I don’t blame it).

Pain factor: Those final few seconds before the cup pops out are still painful, but not unbearably so.

Cleanliness: I’ve got the whole process down to an art, really. Pull Diva out, dump in toilet, rinse in toilet, put soap in, wash, dump excess in toilet, then run under warm/hot water in sink. Then, put back in, pee if I have to, wipe, flush, and then of course wash my hands.

I think that’s enough details for today!!

So that’s four months almost that I’ve had the DivaCup… in four months, I’d normally spend maybe $30 on pads and tampons. I spent $30 on the DivaCup and don’t have to throw it out! Sweet!

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