Puttin’ on the Ritz

As if my life could get any crazier, my second brother and his girlfriend of about a year and a half decided early in December that they wanted to get married. Before the month was out. Uh-huh.


So, of course, we had to pool our resources, call our people, and get real creative, real fast.

Somehow we did, without spending overly much money, and without driving each other crazy, and on December 29th, the second sister-in-law was added to the clan.


The garden-party-esque reception was likely the best-decorated reception ever held in that church gymnasium, thanks to the time and efforts and creativity of my siblings and a good friend, L.


Not without a few sibling squabbles, some exhaustion (and me seeing stars), and MAJOR lack of sleep, the two younguns are hitched, took a brief few days away, and are back to the difficult life at mom’s house. Felicidades.

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