Lunch "box"

1st Whole30, Day 28


This being a school morning, I had my now-usual breakfast smoothie, except I was out of spinach and didn’t have time to pre-blend kale (you do NOT want to just throw kale into your smoothie without pre-blending it unless you love chewing your smoothies), so it was sans-greens. Oh well.

Also, I think I need to switch it up soon.

“Lunch”, aka Food to Graze on Between Classes When Convenient

  • A container of raw veggies (one yellow pepper, one carrot, half a zucchini, half of a cucumber) (pictured: the empty container. It had been full.)
  • 3 slices of smoked turkey (not pictured because I already ate it)
  • 1 can of tuna, mixed with homemade mayo, chopped onion, and half of an avocado (I have Chantel to thank for that idea). That’s the greenish stuff you can’t identify. It may look weird, but it’s yummy! I literally eat it with a fork! You could spice it up with hot sauce, herbs, lemon or lime juice, some fruit…
  • Kalamata olives. I got these at the olive bar at Loblaw’s, but regular black olives out of a jar are Whole30-approved. Mmm.
  • Homemade (unsweetened) applesauce. Note to self: Empire apples do not make truly taste applesauce. Remember to buy Spys next time.
  • Fudge Babies. Yep. They’re now always with me. Sometimes I just need a bite of something that doesn’t taste healthy through-and-through.
  • And, yesterday’s culinary piece de resistance: Thai Butternut Squash soup! Mmmmm coconut milk and butternut squash soup?! Yes, please! Here’s the recipe I used. (I didn’t have chicken stock, so I just used water. I need to make chicken stock and try this recipe again for added flavour.)

Midnight Snack (aka the grab-in-the-car snack at 10 pm as I drive home)

  • Raw almonds (I buy Kirkland brand from Costco)
  • A drink of water. From a water bottle. From a drinking fountain. Have you heard my rant about water? You should be so lucky. 🙂

One thought on “1st Whole30, Day 28

  1. I just noticed that all the photos have a greenish tinge, not just the “green goo” tuna. I’m going to have to blame that on the fluorescent light in the study carrel. Whoops.

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