Egg & Veggie Scramble

2nd Whole30, Day 01

Today begins my second Whole30. Yep, I’m crazy like that. Either that or I feel great and I am excited to see what else in my life will improve because of my newfound nutrition.

A warm welcome to those coming over from the Whole9Life website. Your presence here will help me stick to my guns and do this month by the book!

I welcome your comments and ideas: let’s do this together!


Egg & Veggie Scramble
Egg & Veggie Scramble
  • Egg and veggie scramble (slightly sauteed a handful of spinach, 1/4 raw jalapeno, 1 Tbsp chopped white onion, 1 tomato, and 1/4 orange pepper, then added 3 beaten eggs; stirred til eggs were done)
  • Black (fair trade organic) coffee

I wanted to start this morning right, even after too little sleep and with too little time available. I managed, though I may or may not have eaten my delicious egg scramble on the road. Shh.

I also returned to my black Americano with coffee from Coastal Coffee Company (check out their new website!).

This next month will be an experiment in on-the-go healthy breakfasts. Or perhaps I’ll develop the skill to wake up earlier and make and eat a hot breakfast at home. Don’t hold your breath.


Thai Butternut Squash Soup
Thai Butternut Squash Soup (yup, almost eaten - oops!)

Today being a school day, I am dragging a small suitcase full of containers around with me for 12+ hours. Such is the life of a healthy and broke person.

  • Thai Butternut Squash Soup (from this recipe, which I made with water instead of broth and it is still quite yummy)
  • Tuna with chopped white onion, lime juice, a dash of sesame oil (in hindsight, I’m regretting that – doesn’t taste quite right), half of an avocado, and salt and pepper


Sirloin Roast with Baked Turnip
Sirloin Roast with Baked Turnip
  • Herb-rubbed sirloin top roast (from this recipe) with baked turnip (1 cubed turnip, 1 chopped onion, salt & pepper and dried red chili flakes to taste, 1-2 Tbsp fat (I used coconut oil but will use clarified butter next time), and 1-2 Tbsp water; baked in covered glass casserole dish for 1 hour, or until soft)
  • A handful of green olives (good fats, baby!)

Green olives

Late-night Drive-home Snack

Raw veggies
Raw veggies
  • Raw veggies (carrots, celery, cucumber, and orange pepper today: not enough colours, but I was in a hurry. Sue me)

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