Frittata for one

2nd Whole30, Day 03

As eager as I was a few days ago, I already find myself wishing this Whole30 would go by faster. It’s only Day 3?!

Today was a school day, so everything was packed and prepared yesterday.

Frittata for one


  • A frittata of sorts, prepared yesterday and reheated this morning. I added 3 beaten eggs to a stoneware dish that I had put my usual omelette ingredients into: spinach, red pepper, onion, jalapeño, and tomato. I baked it, uncovered, at about 350 for about 15 minutes, then reheated it in the microwave this morning.
  • Coffee with coconut milk, for the road.


  • Egg salad, made with my mouth-wateringly delicious homemade mayo (yes, it IS worthy of those superlatives) and chopped onion. Next time, I will use green onion and perhaps some celery. And maybe some curry powder.
  • A few raisins to get rid of the onion taste in my mouth
  • Some green olives
  • Raw veggies


One lonely espresso shot
One lonely espresso shot in a mug built for many.
  • Another dish of the herb-rubbed sirloin roast from the other day, accompanied by baked turnip
  • Some more green olives

After Supper I’m-Getting-Overwhelmed-With-Everything-I-Have-to-do Treat

  • 1 shot decaf espresso

Evening snack

  • “Green Goo,” aka tuna with avocado and some chopped onion. I really wish I had added mayo to it before mixing it up and putting it in a container, but oh well.
  • The rest of the container of green olives
  • Cinnamon rooibos tea with coconut milk
  • 3 half-inch frozen banana chunks

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