Chock-full-of Veggies Spaghetti

2nd Whole30, Day 02

Coffee with coconut milk


  • A delicious omelette with 3 eggs, spinach, orange pepper, onion, jalapeño, and tomato.
  • Coffee with some coconut milk for creaminess and good fat

Veggie omelette

Midday snack

  • The leftovers from a batch of egg salad I made for tomorrow’s lunch: enough to savour a few mouthfuls.
    • Random note: I started making the egg salad the other day, intending to whip up a batch of homemade mayo to go with it, but my double batch unexpectedly flopped, and I didn’t have the time or energy to fix it. Today, I remedied it and, to my delight, salvaged the delicious staple that no home should be without! I updated my mayo recipe post to include a blurb about my experience and how my mom’s recipe saved the day

Midafternoon snack

I ate my “breakfast” late in the morning, so I wasn’t hungry at lunch time… hence the snacking.

  • Raw veggies
  • Another few mouthfuls of (mostly decaf) coffee with coconut milk
dish of veggies
A li'l dish of veggies with my Afrofuturism reading...


  • A dish that I’m calling “Chock-full-of-veggies Spaghetti,” or a tomato and ground pork sauce with carrots, onions, celery, garlic, and red pepper over one thinly sliced boiled zucchini.

Chock-full-of Veggies Spaghetti

Evening snack

  • Apple slices with cashew butter (I know I said I was taking fruit out of the spotlight, but I haven’t had any in a few days, so I thought one apple wouldn’t go amiss) (PS: cashew butter = delicious!)
  • Vanilla caramel rooibos (naturally decaf antioxidant tea that I just realized I probably should avoid because of the caramel chunks. Duh.) tea with coconut milk

apple with cashew butter

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