1st Whole30, Day 31

Yes, I extended my first Whole30 by one day, because I planned to take the following two days off before starting a second Whole30.

Most of what I ate on Day 31 will be familiar if you’ve been reading my Whole30 Eats posts: breakfast smoothie, black coffee, raw veggies, almonds, smoked turkey.

I went out for supper that night, though, for the second time since starting the Whole30. Nervous about what I might find that would be healthy and flavourful at Jack Astor’s, I ate the veggies and turkey on the way, saving just enough room for a small something so as not to be rude.

The appetizer garden salad I ordered without croutons or dressing wasn’t bad, actually. I was afraid I’d be presented with stale iceberg lettuce and grated carrots, but it was much better than that. With the addition of the red onion from Johnathan’s burger and some oil and white vinegar, it was pretty good, actually!

I sneaked almonds and a water bottle into the theatre, to munch on during Hunger Games, and ate the last of my second batch of Fudge Babies on my way home.

An awful photo of my pretty good Jack Astor's salad

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