Whip it! How to Make {heathy} Mayonnaise.

This post is a Pinterest hit these days. I may not be actively blogging, but Pinterest and avid Paleo and Whole30-ers out there are passing it around like a virus!
Healthy mayo: it’s a thing!

A Transparent Life

I say may-uh-NAYze instead of MAY-uh-nayze. Does that make me weird?

Not that anybody but my boyfriend cares. He likes to make fun of me a wee tiny bit about it. Okay, truth is he doesn’t care, either.

Where was I?

As part of my newly turned-over healthy leaf, I am not eating any of the six store-bought salad dressings in my fridge. But I am eating lots of salad.

Last week, I made my own balsamic vinaigrette, tried it, enjoyed it, then promptly started wishing for other dressings. Specifically,  creamy dressings like Caesar and ranch.

(Mysteriously, I can’t find the recipe that I used for the balsamic vinaigrette, but here’s a great guide to dressings the Paleo way)

Now that I’d done hours upon hours of Internet research into Whole30 recipes, I was pretty sure that I could concoct something.

Most of those somethings started with mayonnaise.

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Having just come back from watching, and having noticed some of these things, I enjoyed this post. 🙂

I updated my “About Me” page!

It had been too long. Okay, only about a year, but still. My About Me page didn’t give the information it should have. And now I think it does.

Is there anything else that you think my About Me page should have on it?


200 posts!

200Today I published A Transparent Life’s 200th post!

Just thought you should know and celebrate with me. 🙂

Have you noticed that I’ve actually gotten better at posting regularly? In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been one post every day for two weeks now! Yes, I’m proud of my accomplishment, but I won’t be really satisfied until I’ve been at it for at least a month… wish me luck!

What do YOU have to say about bottled water?

I’m hoping for some of your input for my paper about bottled water… do me a favour and take a few minutes to do my survey?

Thanks – you’re the best!

Click here: Sarah’s Super Exciting and Informative Survey

Procrastination Strikes Again

I’ve had kind of a crappy, emotional, overwhelming day, and when I read a “wtf” comment about where my blog had gone, I was motivated to kick-start the transition.

So here it is. It’s something, at least. The design is generic, but it’s free!

And it appears as if my old posts will be imported here (one so far, from Feb 2007… who was I then, even?!), but I hardly feel free to hope.

Anyway, good news on the blog front means bad news on the homework front. Looks like me and 2 am are gonna be BFFs