What do YOU have to say about bottled water?

I’m hoping for some of your input for my paper about bottled water… do me a favour and take a few minutes to do my survey?

Thanks – you’re the best!

Click here: Sarah’s Super Exciting and Informative Survey

3 thoughts on “What do YOU have to say about bottled water?

  1. A great survey Sarah.I have been using a reusable bottle for my water for about 5 years now. We had bought a water cooler and we used that for quite a while until we found out it is actually better quality water that comes from the tap. Now my family drinks strictly tap water. Its cheaper, less waste and I would much rather carry around a stylish aluminum bottle than a cheap, clear plastic one promoting whichever company I had decided to throw my hard earned money away on that day.
    Good luck with your research on this issue.

  2. No we do not filter our water and no I do not worry about fluoride. There was a time when we did have a Brita water filter in the house but it was a “pain in the ass” keeping it always filled. I am happy with the water quality in our area. I don’t feel the need to filter.

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