10:45 am on St. Patrick’s Day

10:45 am on St. Patrick's Day

10:45 am on St. Patrick’s Day, outside the biggest bar on campus. Me? School work.

2 thoughts on “10:45 am on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. What is even funnier – is the last three in the line …. texting or receiving texts. Wouldn’t it be hysterical to hypothesize what each of them are reading or writing?

    1st guy – “, Dude! Get down here – I am 9th in line and am standing right in front of that Hot Chick from Chem!”

    Girl – ” OMG! ROTFLMAO – You won’t believe it – that guy that sits in chem in the front row? He beat me in line to the pub! FML! Keep texting me, or I am like, going to have to, like talk to him or something! ”

    2nd guy – “Hey Wesley…are you there? Answer my texts! – I need you to get down to the bar and get my back pack! I’ll hold your place in line! I am right outside of Booster Juice”

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