the Diva recovers

I finally started to get the hang of it at the end of the second day, and things have been much easier since.

I also forgot to mention that after the day that I was getting poked every five seconds, I trimmed the tip a bit, and it’s been much better.

I’ve learned how to break the seal that my flesh makes with the rim of the cup as it’s on its way out, by sticking a finger up there to let air in and pull it down and out. Still not totally pain-free, but it’s nice to be able to forget about it for 12 hours ’til the next time I have to fish around down there!

Pain factor… minimal and totally bearable. I am a girl after all!

Cleanliness… now that things aren’t so goopy, it’s much easier. I’m still not grossed out at all!

Was it worth it? Definitely!!! You should really look into it, girls!

Conquering Diva

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