Diva… What Every Diva Girl Should Know

(Warning… this post discusses girl stuff in detail. You may not want to know about it. Consider yourself advised.)

I recently finished I’m not even sure which round with the DivaCup. It has become routine and normal. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t anticipate emptying the cup every morning and evening, but I definitely enjoy the freedom I have inbetween, the lack of odour, and saving money I would otherwise have spent on disposable products! Knowing that I’m conserving resources feels good, too.

If you’re a Diva Girl or are thinking about becoming a Diva Girl, there are a few things you should know:

1. You can cut the tip of the cup, just don’t cut it too much so as to prevent you from being able to pull it out! (I had to cut it for comfort’s sake)

2. It is imperative that you make sure the cup opens up inside you, and that you make a valiant attempt at turning/twisting the cup inside of you, to create a seal past which nothing can pass, muahahaha. I find the twisting thing quite difficult and haven’t really been able to accomplish it, but I’m hopeful!

3. When removing the cup to empty it, before you even try anything else, you must repeat this refrain to yourself: BREAK THE SEAL!!! If you wish to avoid torturing yourself like I did (see the first few diva posts), I’m telling you… this is imperative. Reach a finger up in there and push the rim of the cup back towards the other side of the cup (making it more of a “c” than an “o”), then pull it out.

4. Do your best to clean out the pin holes below the rim of the cup. I’ve used a safety pin (yes, I washed it, but probably not the most sanitary thing), but other things would work just as well, I’m sure. The pin holes help the cup to seal off your cervix so that nothing escapes.

There may be more, but that’s all that are coming to me now. I’m open for questions!!


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