Fantasy, Electro-Pop, and Coziness

1. Eragon. The book, not the movie. The movie was kinda lame (although the Arya the elf was beautiful and Eragon was hot!), but the book is a freaking page-turner! I can’t hardly put it down!! I’ve zipped through it in a week and I’m sad I only have 30 pages left. Christopher Paolini is Brilliant!! I can’t wait ’til there’s an affordable copy of Eldest out there.

2. Imogen Heap. This sassy songstress is able to entwine witty lyrics with catchy and haunting melodies in her electronic way. She uses a keyboard and voice distorters and her Mac laptop to create amazing harmonic sounds. She’s one of my newest obsessions. Check her out if you haven’t yet.

3. My Red Down Throw. I don’t think I’ve listed it yet under my 3BTs… it’s a lovely shade of brick red which goes amazingly with cornflower blue sheets (I’ve had two sets in the past and I’ve given them away). It could be a bit longer (I’m a tall girl), but it’s been with me for over three years now, and it’s beautiful. It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s pretty, it rolls up small for travelling, it looks puffy and you want to squish its air pockets, it washes and dries in the machines. I love it.

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