Today I discovered a blogspot that inspired me to want to write more, and to publicize my thoughts here. So I’m debating whether or not to make this public so that people in general can read it. Or maybe I should create a new blog where I can air all of my sarcastic and witty thoughts about life and God.

What thinkest thou?

The blog that I read today and would highly recommend is: This 26-year-old pastor from Michigan accurately calls his blog “The Wilderness Crier”… he is expounding on issues that affect every generation of Christian… Women in the Church, the use of the Sinner’s Prayer, Alcohol and our Souls, etc…. don’t miss it!!

The Beauty for Ashes blogspot (wish it was mine, but alas! it isn’t) is also a favourite… LOVE this girl’s humour! Her name is Lacy… and this is her blog.

What do you think? Please don't be shy...

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