I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Yesterday I got a cell phone bill for $165. When I called the company, they also informed me that $71.54 of that was a payment that was 30 days overdue. Conveniently, I couldn’t recall receiving anything that informed me of this payment being due in the first place! Of course, my plan is only worth $30 a month but I have $17.15 in other fees, plus the few times I’ve messaged or called Jimi. STUPID IDEA! I’ll never do it again!!

I could hardly wait to get off the phone with the brash guy with the foreign accent so I could call my boyfriend and sob PMS-fed tears. He helped me get the phone, after all–maybe he’d have the right answer. Of course all he could do was console me with, “You’ll learn from this.”

Last month I got a letter in the mail from the government reminding me that my taxes from 2005 have not been submitted and woe to me if I don’t get on that. And, of course, there’s the 2006 taxes to do. Joy.

Another bright sunshiny spot in my grown-up life is Brokedom. Credit card maxed out (thank God I only have a $1000 limit!), bank account drained, and I am paycheque-less for another week or so. This is when I’m thankful to not have a car and to be living at my mom’s!

Which brings me to needing another job. I hate looking for jobs. I’ve actually never really had to look much–jobs have always sort of happened to me. I also find the idea of having to juggle two jobs and the rest of my life (the occasional Mom need, visiting my boyfriend, family and friends, church responsibilities, etc.) distasteful.

I’d like to find Neverland ’cause growing up can suck!

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