On Trial: Spring

Yes, it smells delightfully like spring.

Yes, it’s much easier to drive without piles of snow, ice and slush on the roads.

Yes, we all love coming out of our winter hibernation to enjoy the newfound warmth in the air.

Yes, our kids are much more eager to get their ration of fresh air and Vitamin D.


After living in tropical countries for several winter seasons, I have been very eager to experience a good, solid, brutal Canadian winter (did that ever actually happen in Huron County??). Seeing as how winter didn’t actually start ’til about the middle of January, I’m not ready for it to be over!

I’m not ready for the muddy wetness associated with all of the snow melting.

I’m not ready to put away the boots and coat that I spent decent money on this season because I hadn’t needed them for years.

I’m not ready to give up on the prospect of going sledding, snowball fighting, skating, snowshoeing, skiing, or snowboarding, none of which I pursued during those almost two months of winter we’ve had (reason not apparent).

I’m not ready to have to shave my legs regularly simply because skirt and short weather is just around the corner.

Whatever Wiarton Willie or your local shadow-spying groundhog “predicted” this year, I’m making a counter-prediction, or perhaps a demand: winter is NOT over ’til the winter-deprived lady says so. That’s me.

So what if I also enjoy the spring-laden air and being able to go out without ten layers on… I can wait at least another month!

Winter, come back!!

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