Swear, Hair, Wear

1. Good friends. The ones that you can catch up where you left off, every time, even if it has been months, or years; the ones that you can be completely honest and crazy with; the ones that love even your crazy outfits; the ones you can drink and swear with (enough to be healthy); the ones that you can eat with and laugh with and be deep with.

2. Edgy hair. With me, every day is a new hair adventure, and I can choose to just shove it up so as not to show the frizz, or I can fight for something presentable, or I can go the extra mile to make something edgy happen. Then it takes extra courage to pull it off, but I find it’s mostly always worth it. ‘Till someone says they recognize a bad hair day when they see one. Back to the drawing board. Or not…

3. Footless tights. Dang sexy, oh-so-fun to wear, and they look hot with a miniskirt and ballet flats. And it’s hard to go wrong in the top department when you have that combo going on. Okay, so maybe some of the 80’s weren’t all bad!

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