One year ago today…

… Johnathan left on a jet plane and flew to Thailand. He stayed in Asia for three months. THREE MONTHS!!


This day last year was a hard day. I had a midterm, but the really big deal was that the guy that I hadn’t been separated from for more than a couple of days in a year and a half was going to be on another continent for three months. THREE MONTHS!

Let’s just say, there were tears.

Three months is a long time to be separated from your man, but now it hardly seems as if he was gone at all. Then, it felt like forever. I made a countdown calendar to help me visualize the passing time.

The important things are: a) he had fun; b) he came home; c) we made it through.

He had just better not do it again……….or if he does, he has to take me with him.


2 thoughts on “One year ago today…

  1. You’re such a sweety-pie! I love the way you think back to the day he left and are able to see how much you both grew from that separation. It’s clear that you love each other and I hope you wont have to go through another separation any time soon.

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