Sarah’s Gym/Catwalk/Bakery

1. The Ability to Walk. I had to walk to work this morning, and Saturday. I enjoy “being forced to” walk (read: no vehicles available) because then I’m forced to actually do something active. I enjoy having a reason to get out there and see the town, smell the air, watch the people moving around, listening to the “Beautiful Tunes” playlist on my iPod the whole way.

2. Funky Fashion. I’ve been talking to a friend about how I get frustrated with clothes that are expected or normal, and I feel most refreshed when I’m putting together outfits that are edgy or unexpected. Or if I’m wearing a GREAT pair of shoes!!! And I really do believe I have to bring skinny jeans to Goderich. So, G-Dot, BE PREPARED! I do often feel like I’m sort of missing out on the good wardrobe components that will make my collection feel complete… I’m definitely open to ideas!

3. Baking. Sure, it’s annoying to do in mom’s tiny kitchen with virtually no counter space, and I don’t love cleanup, but I do love creating things period, and the privilege of delighting people with baked goodies is a delight to ME! So give me notice that you’re coming over so that I can whip up something de-lish.

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