Modern Matters

1. Airports. They’re bustling, there’s security that can be a pain in the butt, sometimes you have to run through them and sometimes they don’t have the restaurants you want, but I almost always feel secure in an airport, and I love the feeling of people going places. I wonder where they’re going and where they’re coming from and who they’re meeting and why. There is an awesome sense of purpose. And the organization of routing the right people to the right planes at the right times, well that’s just uber-impressive!

2. My new Element hoodie. It’s a beautiful dark grey-blue with black and teal and light pink and white flowers and designs, some embroidered… and it’s cozy and comfy. And it was on sale! And my best friend has the same one, commemorating our weekend together after a one-year, three-month separation. See it…

3. The new iTunes. Album artwork: very cool.

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