To Do List

We’re not in Kansas anymore

To Do List

After several days of packing and cleaning and unpacking and cleaning and more cleaning, I find myself feeling like my To-Do list is too long to justify time spent sitting down and blogging. Here’s a peek at my list:

  • Wash walls in every room
  • Paint every room
  • Paint trim in every room
  • Wash the rest of the windows (I washed 3 last night)
  • Stain kitchen door
  • Get a new health card & SIN card (my wallet went missing a couple weeks ago)
  • Get an e-test (did I mention we’re not in Kansas, by which of course I mean Huron County, anymore?)
  • Pay parking ticket (yup, happened this morning. I guess they take that stuff seriously. Oops.)
  • Update resume and send it/take it to place that might hire me (Oh yeah, I need an income)
  • Feed myself and the BF
  • Sweep and mop the floors that were dirty before the moving out and moving in and cleaning began, so that we don’t have to wear shoes in the house all the time
  • Find some way to make my massive collection of bathroom supplies fit in a small room with limited storage space
  • Tax returns (::sigh::)
  • Breathe new life into the back yard and gardens
  • Unpack clothes from all the boxes and suitcases stacked in the front room so I can actually find things to wear
  • Set up the office for the inevitable beginning of summer courses next week
  • Iron curtains
  • Figure out where and when to continue my running schedule (!!)
  • Etc…..
  • Oh, and blog update (seriously, it’s on my list)

And that’s not the whole list. It feels a bit overwhelming, especially considering summer courses start again next week and John’s family is coming over for Mother’s Day and I currently have some sort of chest virus that causes me to cough and hack for hours and I have neglected my running for several days and on and on. ::sigh::

This, too, shall pass… right?

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