Carols, Candles, Olives

1. Christmas Songs. They’re just so cheery and fun. And even if they’re slow and a bit melancholy, they’re still hauntingly beautiful. “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is a favourite, as is the Huron Carol. I also LOVE The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting…) and could sing it every day in different ways!!

2. Candles. The good kind mostly, made by Colonial or PartyLite or other similar companies. There’s just something rich about a room with lit candles, and the ensuing fragrance is enticing like nothing else, filling your home or office with cozy warmth.

3. Olives. I could eat a third of a jar in a sitting and sometimes do. I could drink the juice and occasionally indulge. Often my snack of choice at any hour, except breakfast, of course. The green ones in juice stuffed with pimentos… mmmmmmm!!!

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