Holiday Realities

1. Sleep!!! Seems like I can’t get enough on my memory-foam-topped mattress, with my memory foam orthopedic pillow… too bad I have these friends that have made me addicted to iChat and we end up having this amazing conversations ’til the wee hours… (Okay, so my body is CRAVING it right now, but it’s only 7:14 pm!)

2. Blogger. Just so cool. Not in the same way as myspace, but in its own way. It’s beta-ness, perhaps, contributes a lot.

3. My Homemade Ginger Snaps with the Snowflake Imprints. ‘Nuff said. (Thanks, Mo!)

Carols, Candles, Olives

1. Christmas Songs. They’re just so cheery and fun. And even if they’re slow and a bit melancholy, they’re still hauntingly beautiful. “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is a favourite, as is the Huron Carol. I also LOVE The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting…) and could sing it every day in different ways!!

2. Candles. The good kind mostly, made by Colonial or PartyLite or other similar companies. There’s just something rich about a room with lit candles, and the ensuing fragrance is enticing like nothing else, filling your home or office with cozy warmth.

3. Olives. I could eat a third of a jar in a sitting and sometimes do. I could drink the juice and occasionally indulge. Often my snack of choice at any hour, except breakfast, of course. The green ones in juice stuffed with pimentos… mmmmmmm!!!

Yummy: Tunes, Timing, Tea

1. Starfield. I’ve had the Tumbling After album for several months now, but just started to really appreciate it recently. So much down-to-earth truth in those lyrics, plus catchy tunes I want to hear over and over again. Definitely soul music.

2. Snow. It started falling in earnest yesterday afternoon, and my prediction that the ground would be covered by nightfall proved correct. And the fact that it was falling while I had the Christmas tunes playing, a yummy candle burning, and while putting the decorations on the tree was just PERFECTO! God is cool.

3. Chai tea. No, I’m not addicted to caffeinated everything. Just the best of those. I just downed a homemade latte, made with half milk and half chai tea concentrate, heated in the microwave. Mmmmm good. Also the highlight of many Starbucks visits! God bless those people who invented the stuff! They should be given a lot of money.

Creativity, expectation, and technology

1. Being creative – a friend and I did a card-making marathon last night and then again this morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to sell them tomorrow at a big craft show. I might be sick of Christmas cards by the time December rolls around and might even end up buying my own, but I sure am being creative now!

2. Anticipating Christmas… everytime I look at my cards, I start singing a Christmas song – I just can’t help it! I love the anticipation of the food, the gifts, the surprises, the decorations, the music, the busyness even!

3. My laptop. Plain and simple. My white Mac G4 still serves me very well and I fall more in love with it as the days go by.

Seasons, Sky, Food

1. Preparing for the Christmas season (we took out the Christmas cards today at the store I work at, and these great sheep that you get for $4.97 with 3 cards, etc.).

2. The sky at sunset… here in southwestern Ontario, the colours in the sky last a long time and they’re gorgeous – orange and pink and purple and red.

3. Homemade baked macaroni and cheese, with bread crumbs on top… mmmm!!