Transparency Goes on a Date

Before: Excited and a Tiny bit Apprehensive

I have a first date tomorrow. My first first date in a long time, my first first date that I feel has been planned the right way and preceded by the right events. I am so excited! I am positive that I am going to laugh my bum off with this guy and not worry about my front teeth overlapping while I cackle. All my girlfriends will want to know his qualifications going into the first date, so here goes:

  • taller than me (even with heels on)
  • know how to dress himself! (unless his mommy secretly does it for him)
  • doesn’t really like to watch sports on TV (except hockey with the guys and, of course, the Olympics)
  • is hilarious
  • isn’t afraid to get up and dance (after a pint or two). In fact, we met on the dance floor!
  • has sweet glasses
  • won’t make fun of me for loving chick flicks
  • he’s Canadian!
  • hates domestic beer (the Blue-Bud-Coors category) as much as I do
  • is built! (arms the size of small trees, which, of course, is relative, but impresses me!)
  • asked me for my number the first time we met (true, he thought I lived in Toronto and so didn’t call me until after we met again a month later, but still!)
  • has an iPhone (my next technological gadget for SURE)
  • isn’t afraid of wordy text messages, sending or receiving them
  • loves the beach
  • can only take so much hip-hop (Me! Too!)
  • …and that’s more than enough for a first date, you romance freaks!

One of the most exciting things going in is that I still don’t know what we’re doing tomorrow night: he’s going to tell me today! Yup, he’s planning it, after a helpful discussion about things we like and don’t like and an inspired idea from the Sarah camp that unfortunately fell through but perhaps was inspiring. Guess I’ll find out! More to come soon…

The Next Day: Impressed!

So I went out with the Great Guy last night, and I am now a Foolish Grinner. It was perfect! I don’t know why I ever went out with anyone else, except for the obvious fact that I hadn’t met Great Guy yet. I need to add to the list of qualifications:

  • courteous and gentlemanly (would hold the door for me, wait for me to walk through, etc.)
  • good driver
  • good listener
  • he planned the date and paid for everything – wow!
  • he was in control of the evening’s progress, but not in any way overbearing
  • we communicate well (this one is HUGE: I often feel misunderstood, or too smart or too dumb or too critical or too snobby, but he just gets me)
  • when he’s serious, he’s quietly confident, which is trust- and respect-inspiring, and then laughs so easily and so contagiously in the next moment
  • we have so much in common (our opinion about DQ, for example: they should stick to the Cool Treats and get rid of the Hot Eats)
  • our differences are complementary
  • he makes me feel like it’s great to be me!

I smiled all the way home from our date. In fact, I smiled during the day any time I thought of our upcoming evening together, and, during a washroom break at dinner, had to will myself to stop grinning like a fool before I got back to the table. Even the fact that he kissed me on the cheek and hugged me good-night contributed to making it perfect. Second date? Yes, please!

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