Things You Should Refuse to Inherit

  • A vacuum cleaner. Unless, perhaps, it’s a Dyson. We don’t know their lasting power yet.
  • Linens. Towels and sheets were never meant to make the journey from parents to children to grandchildren! Feel free to use them for your pets or to wipe off a wet bike seat or when you colour your hair.
  • A toaster. Unless they it was brand-new soon before you acquired it, in my experience it’s just kind of weird knowing some else’s bread was cooked there.
  • Freezer contents. Again, unless you’re positive those venison steaks are from this season, resist the urge to take them home!
  • Beauty products. I don’t care if it IS an almost-new stick of Speed Stick – that’s just GROSS!
  • Audiovisual technology. That VCR? It can stay with the previous generation, it’s okay.
  • Plastic containers. As in Tupperware and Rubbermaid, etc. Plastic just isn’t what we once thought it was, and gets right nasty in its old age!
  • Anything with a Dollarama sticker on the bottom of it! Haha!
  • Half-filled crossword puzzles.
  • MDF furniture that already has something broken (guilty!)

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