Click here for Whole30 Eats

New Section of A Transparent Life: Whole30 Eats

I have relied heavily on other people’s food ideas this past month, and so I thought I would share what’s on my plate daily and where I get my recipes from, to inspire others who are trying to get “wholly healthy,” too.

Check out my new page, “Whole30 Eats”. You can see it in the menu bar just under the header of my page, between “Weekly Series” and “What I’m Reading” (who would have guessed that I’d have more “W” titles than any other letter?! Random!).

Click here for Whole30 Eats

Or, you could click this link that I’m giving you here.

When you hover your mouse over “Whole30 Eats” in the menu, you will see a list of sub-menus or sub-pages come up. If you click “Whole30 Eats”, you’ll be taken to the intro/explanation page. To see each day’s food report, choose a page from the drop-down list.

Drop-down menu

Now: enjoy! Be inspired!

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