The End of an Era

… or maybe just 10 months that feel like an era.

Today I’m moving out of my mom’s house again, this time to a friend’s place only several minutes outside of town. Still, it feels strange. Even though I can’t count on all of my fingers and toes the times I’ve packed up my belongings and moved them to another place, anytime I leave the “home” where my mother lives, it feels like I’m abandoning her.

Yes, I made sure to ask her if it was okay with her if I moved out for the summer (there are a number of reasons why it makes sense. Ask me if you care.), but yes, she is still fighting cancer and yes, she is still going for treatments two Fridays out of every three. But she’s doing well, and this is a good decision for my life right now. Also, I plan on coming over to eat or pick up the grocery list or use the internet (did I mention the house I’m moving to currently has dial-up?) whenever I can. So there. I’m not abandoning her.

Or you. Although some may recall the days, a few months ago, in which I said this would be a daily blog, I beg your understanding (not that you’re sitting there, drooling over your screen, waiting for the next post to appear) over the next three to four months. I will write whenever I get the inspiration to, and hopefully more often. This could be a good chance for you to utilize your gift of encouragement or affirmation: let me know you wanna read something new here, and I’ll likely kick my butt into gear and get something new here! Deal?

That said, I should really continue this process of packing my things and getting on the road as I was planning to do this morning. It’s 4:45 pm. Wow do I feel lazy. I’m gone!

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