In light of my post about Gingerich’s organic eggs a few weeks ago, this post is fantastic. Thanks to Rachel of for this enlightened post!

Rachel's Table

Yeah, I went there. (Thanks to my darling husband for suggesting such a mind-blowingly smart title.)

Weekends are for two things: sleeping and big breakfasts. Well, maybe only for big breakfasts if you have kids. I don’t, so I sleep in and then eat a big breakfast.

This past weekend I decided to try a little experiment. Yes, with eggs. One egg was free range, pasture fed, hormone and antibiotic free. The other was the grocery store brand. Here are the eggs in question:

I took these eggs and fried them:

Notice the first egg. It looks like a nice enough egg and is frying up splendidly. But notice the second egg. Look at that yolk! It is such a lovely shade of gold-ish orange!

Guess what I discovered after my very serious eggsperiment? The grocery store egg didn’t taste like much, but the free range egg tasted like the…

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  1. This is so true!! My husband and I bought grocery store brand eggs for almost 4 years when we first got married. they looked bland, tasted bland, and frankly were not that great and still pretty pricey. Then we watched Jamie Oliver’s special on Chickens and eggs on the Food Network and were blown away!! We started buying organic free range eggs at twice the cost, not easy but necessary, especially with a little one at home. Then my Father-in-Law started growing his own free range, grain fed chickens; no steroids, no hormones, no antibiotics. He then started gathering the eggs. we now receive about 18 eggs a week for free. They are large, beautiful, tasty eggs that never leave me feeling that “iickkk I just ate eggs” feeling. When we could not get these eggs afew months ago my husband went to the store and picked up the grocery store brand (hey it’s just once right? what harm could it do?) They looked bad, they tasted bad, and they made me feel bad, plus they were about half the size of the free range, home grown eggs we had been getting. So, never going back again, once you got it good you can’t go back, I am now egg-spoiled rotten. 😉

    • Wow! I have to admit that I have a hard time, having been in the chicken barn, disconnecting that smell from the actual eggs. When I fry them, no problem. Boiled is still a bit touch-and-go for me, but I won’t go back if I can help it!

      Courtney – did you read my post about Gingerichs’ organic eggs a few weeks ago?

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