Johnathan got a job!!!!!!

I know that multiple exclamation marks are redundant and annoying, but I needed some way of conveying my excitement.

Johnathan has been looking for a job for what seems like FOREVER.

By forever, I mean several months. I mean many, many resumés. I mean tons of applications. I mean two interviews a week sometimes. I mean, head-scratching, doubt-enducing, desperation-germinating, carb-inhaling, caffeine-addiction-building months!

When you know that someone is smart and fully qualified and appropriately experienced, yet they are still not hired for so long, you start wondering if there is something really wrong with their resumé that they haven’t realized. Something worthy of a “Damn you, Auto Correct!” moment, perhaps.

Imagine our relief when there was a sudden surge in interview requests, and then, at long last, a job offer! (I really want to type a hundred exclamation points here…)

John starts tomorrow. Mechanical engineering technologist, back in the game!

I guess he didn’t have any unfortunate typos in his resumé after all. Either that or he did, and he’s gotten himself into something that is not what it seems… awkward!

Either way, all that desperation and doubt has hit the curb, and we’re off on another adventure.

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