Introducing Wordless Wednesday

I am no photographer.

But I like to dabble anyway.

There’s only so much you can do with a digital point-and-shoot, after all. Or a smart phone. Still, every week on Wednesday, I’d like to join some members of the blogosphere in posting a photograph, with few words, if any.

The Wordless Wednesday movement was introduced to me by this mommy blogger, one of many who are attempting to share a photo that says so much no words are needed. That’s a pretty large and impressive feat for a blogger! But I’m gonna give it a try.

So. The introductory post. It should be poignant and memorable, characteristic of what you can come to expect as the weeks go by.

I’ve been thinking about what photo to share since I posted yesterday’s blog about the downside to social technology.

What I’ve come up with is…. a sentimental one.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, here’s my first ever PhotoShop-vintage-effected shout-out to my main man, Johnathan.



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