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Playing Favourites: The Frye Company

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About four years ago, I discovered what I consider to be one of the best shoe companies in North America. I know next to nothing about shoe companies, and I’ve certainly never bought shoes from many good ones, if any, other than this one. The Frye Company.

Their products, in my limited experience, are expertly made by hand, in such a way that you will never doubt their quality. One glance can tell you that their worksmanship and materials are among the best.

In March of 1863, a man named John A. Frye opened a small shop in Marlboro, Massachusetts. His goal was to make practical shoes for working people. Many of the people that went west across the frontier of America wore his boots.

Frye Shoe Company

Mr. Frye passed his skill and passion for good-quality footwear down through his children and grandchildren, so that the Frye name began to be known for durable and beautiful shoes.

Soldiers and pilots in World War II wore Frye boots, including General Patton himself (or at least, that’s what The Frye Company website says).

To this day, many of the Frye designs are based on the styles that made the company famous.

From the Frye website: ‘ In 1975 the Frye Company donated a pair of CAMPUS™ boots to the Smithsonian Institution, in our nation’s capital, as a representation of the era.’

And to think I had no idea of the history of this company when I stumbled across them a few years ago and fell in love with their Fiona boot.

meet the fionas

Here are the Fionas and I, on the day we met (aka the day they came in the mail) (PLEASE ignore the mess. I didn’t realize I’d be sharing this photo publicly when I took it). –>

They were so shiny back then!

The Fionas have gone with me to many an event and occasion. They’re just perfect for so many situations!

About two years ago, I found a pair of cognac-coloured Frye platform mary janes at Winner’s.

Naturally, they were a fraction of the cost of what they could be new. Naturally, I bought them, even though every time I wear them people think I look taller than my boyfriend. I don’t care – they’re Fryes!!

I dare you to try NOT falling in love with the smooth leather, the classic styles, the buttery lining, the vintage-look buckles… I could go on.

One of  the best things is that, because Frye has been around forever, they can be found on eBay and in used clothing stores. So: keep your eyes open for the famous Frye logo, and don’t shy away from buying some. Frye shoes are an investment that will keep you stylishly shod for years to come.

frye boots 3

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