Celebrating: Jaida

This past week, my second-oldest neice, Jaida, turned 6. I really can hardly believe it!

Jaida is the second of four adorable blonde girls that I love to bits and am proud to call my nieces.

She has always been petite, so much so that, when she was 1 and she stayed at our house (my mom’s house) for a week while her parents were away, and we took her to church and she walked around in the lobby, people were shocked about the baby walking around.

She is a very affectionate person, she’s sweet, but she’s also sassy. And apparently she likes race cars, my boyfriend likes to remind me. 🙂

Happy 6th, Jaida! Can’t wait for our neice-auntie birthday date!

Here she is, dressed up in my clothes, ready for a nice dinner and dance with her sisters and I:



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