Floundering in GrownUpVille

I don’t have much time to write this, but I AM online, so I really should take the opportunity to write.

I found out last week that the plates expire on the vehicle I’ve been driving, which belongs to my mom, and I don’t really want to keep driving the beastly red van if I don’t have to. The dilemma begins when you throw in the fact that I’m planning to head to Indianapolis sometime next month.

Jimi has his very savvy father, L, to help him with these kinds of decisions. Together, they’re a team I wouldn’t want to get in the way of when they’re on a mission. Here, in GodRock, I don’t have that kind of direct ally in the word of everything grown-up and official and financial. I’ve just been floating along somehow, though most people my age have had loans and debt for years ’cause university tends to do that to you.

I need wheels. But do I get one here or wait till the US? What will taking a car over the border entail? Insurance? What do I get if I renew the plates on the van for another month? Do I put up with more gas-sucking??

With help, I found a good deal today on a mechanically sound 2000 Sunfire. I like it. I think it’s a good decision.

Can I get a loan? Should I get a line of credit?? Or the biggie: Who is brave enough to co-sign for me? Is it wise to take on a car payment when I don’t know what my income will be this fall? Or do I trust all that to the Big Man Upstairs?

Like I said, I feel like I’m floundering. Got some solid wisdom or the guts to co-sign?! Let me know!

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