My Onion Life


…I do it so well! I’ve had lots of practice, I guess–hiding my true self because I’ve always had to protect myself and others. I’ve had to silence my needs in favour of what those around me needed, all the while pretending that all was well with me. I quickly learned what everyone around me wanted or needed, and did my best to become that person.

Now that I’m aware of the pretense, however, I’m faced with a question: Do I “take pretending to a whole new level or quit pretending altogether?” (Fresh Brewed Life, Nicole Johnson, page 2)

I’d like to quit pretending. I want to be able to be gloriously flawed, weak at times, strong at times, and my true self always.

I would like the “layers” of my onion-life to be easily “peel-able” by anyone at any time, and thus the core of me visible to those who are looking.

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