On the Ethics of Posting on the Internet

I need to gain momentum somehow, here in Blogland–I know I’ve got type-worthy thoughts somewhere in my brain, but they always need inspiration and stimulation. The practice of writing is what’s important, I think. The more I order my thoughts into clear sentences and paragraphs, the better I can write, or so I imagine.

This blog was private until yesterday, when I was inspired to make it public and incorporate more thoughts, more MuSiNgS, more writings. It was about the only thing that I had online that was private. I recently made my MySpace private, but I have 200-ish friends on it, many of whom I don’t know uber-well. Then there’s Xanga, Facebook, my YWAMConnect.com site, YWAMConnect.net (a YWAM community you have to be invited into), and I’m sure there’s more that I can’t remember in this instant. I feel like I should be more private and secure with my websites and postings, but then you get into having to ask people to create usernames and passwords, which they forget and then proceed to never use, and others that can’t be bothered are deprived of my cyber brilliance!

I’m very open to hearing ideas about how I can meld these two desires. The first thing I can do would be to remove my mailing address and other specific information from my websites, although then I think that if someone is seriously wanting to track me down, they’ll find my IP address!

What about my full name? Is it okay to have that out there? But then I realize that celebrities have their names and faces everywhere, and so do thousands of lesser-known individuals. Their lives are open for perusal right here on the World Wide Web. Then again, celebrities have bodyguards and high-tech security systems, which I’ll likely never have.

Part of me just hopes, perhaps foolishly, that I’ll be fine and safe and, after all, people shouldn’t be deprived of potential brilliance such as I possess.

In all seriousness, I’ll take some necessary steps to protect myself and my loved ones. However, ultimately, I’d like the “layers” of my life (picture an onion) to be easily peeled back by anyone at any time. I guess I feel called to be publicly transparent, and, in this day and age, life doesn’t exist without the internet.

Peel away, friends!

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