Change and stuff 

My last post was September 2014. 20-bloody-14! Like, where do I even begin to catch you up with life since then?! 

How about I give it to you in the simplest of terms? 

  1. Johnathan and I bought a house. 
  2. We started renovating that house. 
  3. We moved in. 
  4. We continued renovating. 
  5. We got engaged. 
  6. We continued renovating. 
  7. We got married. 
  8. We continued renovating. 
  9. We got pregnant. 
  10. We continued renovating. 
  11. I got laid off. 
  12. We continued renovating. 
  13. We had a baby. 
  14. We continued renovating. 

And now you’re caught up. 

Don’t be fooled — there was a whole lot of living and even dying in between, but we can’t get bogged down in that now. 

Side note: my last draft post was titled “Renovators don’t have time to be bloggers.”  Seriously though. At least, when you’re working full-time, that is. 

I think that post may just see the light of day yet… it makes some good points about the realities of renovating. 

The realities of blogging while being a mommy include dictating this post on my iPhone as my 2 1/2 month old flails around while suctioned onto one of the most tender parts of my body. Also known as fighting sleep while nursing. That and getting interrupted multiple times to deal with another person’s poop. 

In the interest of moving on from allowing draft posts to stack up for years (literally years! WTF?!) and actually being the blogger that this website claims that I am, my last order of business for this post will be adding a photo from our wedding for your viewing pleasure. 

Photo credit: Holly Dalton Photography

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