My Herb Garden

Worthy Distractions

My Herb Garden
My new herb garden

Things have been quiet on the personal blog front for a while. My apologies.

First, there were final papers. Four due in five days. Let’s just say I lived on coffee, three hours of sleep per night and was very grateful to get two extensions.

Then, there was exams. Oh, and losing my wallet. I may have said it before and I definitely will say it again: DON’T EVER CARRY ALL YOUR CARDS WITH YOU! Lesson learned.

There’s something about fragrant perennial flowers greeting you at a new home…

One buck and doe, two days, and a shopping trip later, I started the mad marathon of packing. That took most of a week.

Then there was moving and cleaning and painting and cleaning and unpacking and cleaning and building a patio table and cleaning…

Then my summer course started, I officially began my internship with the Ruralist, I did more running around to replace my cards and pick up my OSAP, I handed around a bunch of resumes (anyone have decent connections to a casual to fine eatery in London that could use a server with several years’ experience?), met some of my mitZine crew (I’m the Web Editor for next year, yay!), met with my co-Ruralistas Erin and Erin, worked in Bayfield for a couple days, interviewed an original rock star, Andy Kim (performing in Bayfield June 16th)… phew! I’m sure I’m not even done that list.

Kinda like I’m not done painting the house. Or unpacking. Or fixing up the yard (so what if we have a bad habit of biting off more than we can chew? eventually things turn out awesomely!).

patio furniture
The table and bench that took up a week of our time… more than we thought we could chew, but look how beautiful they are! (They match some chairs we got on Kijiji…)

I guess I say all that to say this blog isn’t the only thing that hasn’t really gotten done lately. I’m still settling into my life’s new rhythm: the city, the boyfriend, the summer, the internship, the extra side projects.

These days, I’m getting up earlier to try to keep pace with Johnathan, but I still get to midnight and feel like I haven’t accomplished all I wanted to in a day. Sadly, this blog has suffered for it. Forgive me?

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