A healthy breakfast smoothie

I made it to Day 7! (and the breakfast smoothie that made today possible)

Status report: I feel energetic, I feel nourished, I think my taste buds are changing, and I am doing things with food that otherwise I never would have.

Today is day 7 of the super-strict diet I have embarked on for 30 days.

After posting my introduction to the diet last week, and using the term “Paleo” to describe the diet, I have realized just how significant the differences are between Paleo and what I’m doing.

For instance, people on the Paleo diet can have (fresh, raw, etc.) dairy. They can have (raw) honey and other “natural sweeteners” like agave syrup and stevia. They can eat legumes (peanuts and all peanut products, kidney beans, peas, etc.). They can have soy products.

It’s okay for them to “Paleo-ify” recipes like breads and desserts, using almond or coconut flours and natural sweeteners.

They. can have CHOCOLATE!!

Super-dark chocolate, but still.

I can’t have or do any of those things. For 30 days.

The first couple of days were okay. I was kind of excited to get going, and so I bought a pile of fruit and vegetables.

By the end of Day Two, I think I made a rookie mistake in not eating enough. Either that or I caught a bug of some kind. I stayed up too late working on something, without nourishing myself. By the time I went to bed, I was exhausted and felt sick.

Day Three was the worst. I woke up feeling sick. I got the sweats and actually threw up. Unpleasant. I didn’t feel like eating but I made myself eat some raw almonds and took my usual Reductionist Americano with me on my way to spend the day with two of my nieces.

I have a deal with my nieces that, instead of presents on their birthday, I take them for a “date”. I was already a month late for Jaida’s date, so I didn’t want to reschedule. (Zuriel just had her birthday, and the girls decided they wanted to go together on their date. Hence nieces.)

It wasn’t until after lunch (for me, boiled eggs & clementines) that I started to feel more like myself. That night, I made myself a big salad (with homemade balsamic vinaigrette), and then felt like I needed the day to be over. At 8:00 pm.

I rarely go to sleep in the same calendar day as I wake up. Clearly, something was wrong.

The next day, things remained a little off… but that was the end of it.

Today, day 7, I feel great! I have lots of energy, and I feel like I could go for a run at any time! I also regret not doing the Jackknife ab workout on the Wii Fit today…

Not to make this the longest post ever, but yesterday, I ran out of the eggs that I had been counting on to feed me at breakfast-time every day. So today, my first day of school after Reading Week, I had to get creative. Much Internet-researching and friend-asking later, I realized just how simple it was: coconut milk, almond butter, and berries, all blended together in a lovely healthy, filling shake.

That baby got me from 7:30 to 1:30 without needing anything else to eat!

That smoothie deserves a medal.

Can’t wait til tomorrow morning!

A healthy breakfast smoothie
A healthy breakfast smoothie
Coconut milk
Coconut milk - pretty much any kind will do

smoothie in a cup

almond butter
Almond Butter - my new protein genie!

9 thoughts on “I made it to Day 7! (and the breakfast smoothie that made today possible)

  1. you may just have had the bug that’s going around… lots of people i know having a few hours of throwing up and tiredness 😦

    • Yeah! I got that from a website… it really is a great idea!

      I need to get some organic kale so I can add that to my smoothie. Do you really put an egg in yours?

      • yup, farm fresh from my sister. (she has chickens) It blends right in, you don’t even taste it. I need that protein, or else I get too hungry. I’m trying almond butter tomorrow though.

  2. I’ve been making smoothies with spinach this last week. WOW! I have sooooo much more energy for the day. Spinach, bananas, and frozen blueberries. So yummy!

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