The Young-ness and The Hot-ness

This isn’t news to me, really, but every now and then I get a deeper revelation: I’m young and hot! Just when I get to thinking I’m old-maid-ish and the perfect man for me probably doesn’t exist and I should really get used to it and switch my affection to cats, I see people watch me walk by (mind you, it could be the tightness of my jeans that’s distracting them) and something clicks: I’m still young and I’m still hot, even with the few extra pounds I’ve gained over the past months (no, you don’t notice them, but they’re there).

I wouldn’t say self-confidence is about what you’re wearing, per se, but if you’re feeling low, I’d totally recommend that you get a pair of hip, up-to-date jeans that make your butt look good (yes, this is advice for both guys and girls, and I’ve learned from What Not to Wear that it’s possible for everyone), and spend a few extra dollars on a trip to a hairstylist. Then you can be confident that the heads you’re turning aren’t because of your mullet or your baggy t-shirt over shapeless pants.

Say it with me now: I’m young. I’m hot. It becomes true when you believe it.

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