Didn’t Happen

Sasha the Sunfire and I, that is. We didn’t happen. We came pretty close to a hopeful partnership of several years, but the bank apparently didn’t want it to happen (they wouldn’t lend me the full amount), and the owner of the car dealership actually advised me against taking his offered loan which would make up the difference, stating what was becoming evident: I couldn’t afford two car payments per month!

So, I let Sasha go, hopefully to another loving owner. And the search, which is no longer desperate, continues. Some are mistakenly thinking that I am only in the market for a Sunfire. Not so, folks. I just want an affordable, reliable, non-gas-guzzling car that I won’t be embarrassed to be seen in! I’d like it to have functioning AC and heat, a radio and a CD player. Absolutely not too much to ask, wouldn’t you agree?

Perhaps someday soon, I’ll ditch The Beast (sorry, Mom) for a car all my own. Exciting and scary all at the same time!

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