Of Cat Lovers and Gunmen

As reported by Yahoo.com, there are crazies from coast to coast:

Bob and Betty Matas, 72 and 71, respectively, a couple from New York, decided to retire to northern Arizona. When the time came for them to pack up their belongings and head west, Bob & Betty couldn’t bear the thought of their two cats, Pretty Face and Cleopatra, being stuck in the cargo hold of a plane for several hours, so they caught a cab. After hailing a ride with him a few months earlier and joking about their upcoming trip, cabbie Douglas Guldeniz agreed to take the couple the 2500 miles to Arizona in his yellow hybrid Ford SUV, a fare that earned him $3000, plus gas, food, and accommodations. The cat-loving couple became somewhat famous on their journey, people approaching them at rest stops to ask, “Are you the ones?” They arrived today.

It’s not likely I’ll ever own a cat, but if on the off chance I do somehow obtain one, let me make it publicly clear, here and now, that, if I need to transport this cat, said feline will ride in the cargo hold of the plane. Not even a yellow hybrid SUV could tempt me. Not even if I’m 71, not even if I’m 101. My tailbone can’t handle prolonged sitting as it is! Can you imagine it five decades from now?

In other news, this morning, Monday, April 16th, 2007, a gunman started shooting people at Virginia Tech university. Before noon, he had killed 32 people, injured 26, and then proceeded to kill himself. This bloody incident has not only become the deadliest U.S. campus shooting, but also the deadliest mass shooting in United States history.

This is the shortest report of this bloodbath you’ll find online, I’m sure, but you get the point, and you can look it up for the details. I’m not gonna equate this shooting with being in the end times, though it may be true; or suggest we take a moment to think of the families affected, though I do wonder how it feels to go through that; I just want to point out that North America is a war zone, too. It’s awesome that causes are cool now, and great if you are personally doing something about war in Sudan, genocide in Darfur, or the sex slave trade in Indonesia; just don’t turn a blind eye to your neighbours. Don’t forget to be Christ to your coworker, the cashier at Wal-mart, the taxi driver, your family (hard one for me, I’ll admit).

In conclusion, we have the Black Eyed Peas to thank for this wisdom: “Crazy is what crazy do“.

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