Ghetto Fabulous in G-Dot

Today I picked up my desperately-needed paycheque (I’m still working on that whole getting-another-job thing), and after depositing in the bank, my second purchase, after buying a new ink pad for my card-making endeavours (my collection of supplies, compared to most crafters, is pretty ghetto fabulous itself), was Culbert’s Creme Puffs. Culbert’s is our local bakery and their creme puffs are pretty stinkin’ amazing – four bites of creamy, doughy, powdered-sugary bliss. Being that I’m next to broke, you’d think I’d stick with buying things that are only necessities, such as gas for the vehicle I was driving around (that was my third purchase), but no. I had to buy creme puffs! And not one, not two, but a whole half dozen creme puffs, worth $3.00!

My friend just posted a blog on her myspace about the ghetto fabulous mentality. According to her, there’s an urban dictionary, and this is what it has to say about the term: ghetto fabulous – Spending money on items that are not of a necessity, when there are things that you actually do need; Not making wise economic choices with one’s money for the sake of appearing “cool” or wealthy; Vanity. (Thank you, Heather) I definitely did not NEED creme puffs, but it sure is dang lovely to eat them for breakfast/lunch right around now at 12:20 pm! Yes, I have a credit card to pay off, etc., but today, I am ghetto fabulous, so BACK OFF, CREDITORS! GIVE THIS WOMAN TEN MINUTES AND $3.00 WORTH OF PASTRY HEAVEN!

Someday I’ll be able to afford the gym time it’ll take to burn all of these accumulating fat cells off (I’ve also been overdosing on Cadbury’s Creme Eggs lately, but I have a perfectly good reason: they’re not available all year round, so one has to take advantage when one is able), but for now, that French creme is calling my name…

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