My Transparent Life

I recently decided to commit to living a transparent cyber life. I realize that’s a concept that’s foreign to many, but I feel that it’s sort of a ministry thing for me… opening up my heart and mind for God to speak through me, for others to learn and be challenged, for me to learn from others, for others to ask questions and criticize if they need to, etc.

I prayed over my keyboard the other night, that God would speak and teach through it, with me as his hands. Day before yesterday, I made four commitments:

1) I commit to being transparent.
2) I commit to admitting that I don’t have all the answers.
3) I commit to writing about things that don’t always have happy endings (and things that are difficult to read and write).
4) I commit to presenting challenges and to expanding the worldview of my readers.

This blog is also to get me in the habit of writing more, with the goal of writing magazine-length articles and seeing where I can go with that.

So keep coming back, people… let’s do it together!

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