Taking the Time

Though I didn’t haul my rear out of bed ’til 10:00-ish this morning, I FINALLY took some time to focus on the book study I’m doing with some friends (we were meeting tonight, after all). I transferred the mound-of-clean-and-dirty-clothes from my comfy chair to my bed so I could utilize it, made myself a massive cup of earl grey tea, and settled down to read chapter 2, the Second Cup, of Fresh-Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson.

The Second Cup was titled Encounter Your Journal… I’m normally pretty good at writing about the important events of my life in my journal, but I write sporadically at best. And, lately, everything is sporadic and nothing is regular. Oh wait! I’ve been pretty darn dedicated to this blog for a while and I definitely don’t let a day pass without checking Facebook and Myspace!! I should also mention that I acquired the sequel to Eragon (Eldest), and I’m whipping my way through it (when a story is good, it’s good!).

I’ve felt keenly lethargic about many things in life lately, but after reading the chapter, I actually had several moments of inspiration! I picked up my journal and had a great entry, one where I could distinctly see the contrast between the lies my soul’s enemy has been telling me, and when God took over and started inspiring creative thought.

And the rest of my day was affected….

Now if only I can maintain the discipline!

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