The Idiosyncraticness of Me

1. Multi-tasking while brushing my teeth. I seriously have a hard time just standing there by the sink and brushing without going to change my clothes, put on jewelery, etc.
2. Harping about the quality of things.
3. Being late.
4. Saying I’m going to bed at a certain time, then staying up 2 hours later.
5. Reading several books at the same time.
6. Enjoying anti-social behaviour.
7. Being “artsy-fartsy”.
8. Having big hair.
9. Carrying salon-quality bobby pins everywhere I go.

10. Turning up my nose at tap water and weak coffee.

11. Possessing a menagerie of candles.

12. Being wont to shock (surprise?) people with jewellery or fashion or hair choices.

13. Crafting what I deem to be clever phrases. Sometimes I’m my own biggest fan.

14. Singing snippets of random songs at random moments. Lately, everything from Patsy Cline to Tina Turner to Celine Dion to Elvis.

15. Getting peeved at inconsiderate drivers, or, well, all people that seem to lack common sense.

16. Playing a competitive game of soccer.

17. Bossing around my siblings.

18. Focusing so much on now that I lose sight of next month.

19. Typing a mile a minute. Or maybe closer to 75 wpm. 90?

20. Using a special, orthopedic pillow, or whatever it is they’re called.

21. Lusting after new technology (can we say “iPhone”, anyone? “Blackberry”? “MacBook”?) .

22. Multi-tasking while driving. Why waste time at home doing makeup, making phone calls, or practicing songs when you have drive time to do it all in?

23. Getting worked up talking about church culture vs. a God-filtered life.

24. Either constantly shifting positions or standing up because of the effects of the mysterious, self-diagnosed disease of NBS.

25. Falling in love with pretty things, such as my red down throw or my 50s-inspired black heels.

26. Being capable of creating a list of self-descriptors so long it would take a whole day to read.

27. Knowing when to finally quit and go on to another task.

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