Hay, hay, save your Hay

Hay, hay, save your hay
Straw is cheaper, grass is free
Cows eat it, why don’t we?

I’ll tell you…

1. “A donkey is content eating grass & a cow is quiet when eating hay, but who can eat flat unsalted food?” Job 6

2. It doesn’t taste good.

3. It’s dry.

4. It’s bulky to store.

5. It doesn’t come in very many flavours.

6. It reminds you of the barn.

7. It doesn’t go well with pasta.

8. Too similar to grass.

9. You might start looking like a cow.

10. We don’t have four stomachs.

11. It wouldn’t taste anything like spinach boiled with butter and salt.

12. It will poke going down.

13. It would make a pretty awkward salad – all stiff and pokey.

14. If we are going to eat the same thing as animals we might as well live in a barn, but since I’m rather fond of my bed and indoor plumbing I’ll stick with people houses and people food.

(written by Mom and I on Canadian Thanksgiving, October 9th, 2006, in the car on the way to Simon and Laura’s, with some thoughts added later by Peter)

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